The Shard of Drallserd in the Carasaw Index was the crystal that controlled death in the universe, it was said that the crystal was the reality of death and that even the smallest bit of it's power could devastate entire solar systems, or bring immortality to anyone, the crystal like the others was hidden in a special spot in this case the core of a very strange sun, the sun had been burning for billions of years and it's fuel was being supplied from another source in order to keep the sun protecting the crystal forever

The Origin Edit

The crystal was the second piece of the Trueoid and once destroyed at the completion of reality the crystal became death in the universe and thus destroyed the timeless trueads that had created it

Prophecies Edit

Carasaw Index - One day in the future, the children of our death shall bring the crystal from it's resting place in order only to kill more lives for it's power

Stories Edit

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