The Trueoid
Drawing of the Trueoid

Object Type:



Truead Race


To create - life, energy, matter from nothing

Date of Origin:


Date of Destruction:


The Trueoid Edit

The Trueoid was created by the trueads a long dead race before known coon life, the device was built in order to create matter, energy and life,

Soon after the trueads had finished constructing the galaxy 2231 and creating life to populate and seed new worlds and forming solar systems, they created two species different from the other intended to seed new worlds and begin life, these two creations were the Coon and the Coon Cat,

The Two Creations Edit

The Coon was tough a species that would live a trillion years and spread through out the universe, it's blood tied with the stars to age and die but never change and so the coons would never change their form they would out live the universe as a race, and never evolve away from their blood line that was made - Carasaw Index

The Coon Cat, a mystical creation bound by the magic of their race and blood, the coon cats are born with the energy of life they will tie their minds and spirit as one with the magic and energy given too them, but this energy does not carry through their genetics it comes from somewhere deeper then tools may ever look, and one day the cats will forget this over time and lose their powers for generations to come - Carasaw Index

The Shards Edit


Once it was finished the device was destroyed with it's own power, and left to sit in it's own realm forever, the device split and three crystals emerged, One to hold the power of the device forever lost, One is death and locked away in the jars of time, And One is Life forever spread through out space to continue it's journey to the lost destination that is

These shards all have their own stories of where they lay, and if they even truly exist, it was said that the trueads created the device to continue their legacy through life, once the device was destroyed death and life was born and so the timeless being died with the creation of something new, mortals

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