The Mugawumf Solar System Edit

Mugawumf Edit

Mugawumf is the capital home city of the mugawumf solar system it is home to most one planet population of coons and is filled with buildings forests lakes and mountains, the largest area is underneath mugawumf there are huge complex tunnels and extensive volcanic areas beneath mugawumf

Conturiss Edit

Conturiss is a desert world filled with savanna life and home to many coons as well as home to the first Eco base built inside of one of the larger mountains

The moons of conturiss Edit

Conturiss has three moons that orbit like independent planet every six years the detach and obit the sun for one year before returning to conturiss

Bigkitty Edit

Bigkitty is a water world with some smaller islands and also home to bigkitty's fortress and underneath the ocean is bigkitty's lab

Sisvala Edit

Sisvala is bigkitty's only moon but it is rich in rain forest and home to one of bigkitty's rat and mouse exspirements

Henry Edit

The moons of Henry Edit