Resonance Sanctuaries are the primary form of resonance found today, the huge cities were built by the ancient cat-coons and sent through out the mugawumf system to terraform uninhabitable worlds, after the destruction of the cat-coons most of the resonance cities went into hiding after their missions, but a few are held today by cats or coons that have found them

The Resonance structures heal them selves and conduct maintenance from time to time so most are operating properly,

Resonance Sanctuaries Edit

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Classes Of Resonance Sanctuaries Edit

A - Basic terraform class

A Class cities are basic terraformers that are sent to barren hot worlds, they station and correct the global core and alignment, they also have pre stored life data that they reanimate once the planet has reached the correct temperature and atmosphere level

B - Experimental Data storage class

B Class resonance were the experimental test of holding large quantities of people in storage to persevere their lives in case of a hostile attack or damage to a large inhabited area - More Info

C - Basic Collector terraform class

C Class resonance ships were deployed to gather rubble or "clean" areas of space around planets in order to amount the correct areas of each resources on unstable worlds in order to prepare them for other classes of terraform ships

E - Basic Terraform class

E Class cities like A class are pretty much basic terraformers, E class ships terraform barren cold planets as well as repair and correct global areas of a planet such as reestablishing a moon

TER8 - Builder class

TER8 Class is a special type of resonance designed to rebuild entire worlds including the cities and structures, and also designed to break down materials and resources to construct large scale space and ground structures