Planet Haserioss
Planet - Haserioss

Coordinates Relative to Sun:



Mugawumf - outer rime


Temperate Forest, Swampland

Moon or Asteroid(s):





Shrine of Hasheir

Haserioss Edit

The local life around haserioss is mostly forest with some rivers and swampland, it is lush with wildlife and on the outer rime of the mugawumf system, the planet can be found only a few microZRcs from atlantis or martin

The planet was artificially constructed by the ancient cat-coons as a vessel to place the shrine of hasheir, since then no one has stepped on the planet until much later when martin and his team visited the planet to go to the shrine of hasheir - see story

Shrine of Hasheir Edit

See link above for full detail

The Shrine Of Hasheir was built by the ancient cat-coons and later moved to the planet haserioss and stationed there, the device emits several strange kinds of radiation as well as several types of force feilds and wave length blockers, all together designed to trap a small area of 001 in complete stop animation, as well as keep the council entity mind trapped in a field of which their state of energy could not escape or communicate with any other field or level of energy, as a side effect the area completely shuts down all technology and forms of wave travel, coon life is unharmed by the device's effect although brain waves are also filtrated so prolonged exposure could cause brain damage or mild hallucinations

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