Micronis - Uioper
Micronis Uioper
Micronis - Uioper








Micronis - Velio, Micronis - Uioper, Micronis - Wertuio


Ship Engines, Core Reboot Stations, Cool Down Cambers

Micronis - Uioper like Velio (common Micronis) is leaches from energy and gathers air and moisture to grow, but Uioper also named engine leache grows around engines and energy stations, the micronis behaves mostly the same as common micronis but is very tough to remove by normal means, it was previously killed by a chemical product engineered to separate the bond of the cells, but soon after the use of the chemical it began growing tougher to better combat the chemical after they decided the chemical was too harmful they stopped and went back to using other means such as freezing or cutting away the strains and they washing the left over pieces with "cold water"

But the micronis was far harder to beat because of the immunity and chemical it produced to keep it's self safe

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