Corisko, the fifth planet in the old system and home to the cat race,

History Edit

The history of Corisko go's back far beyond the cats and coons of the mugawumf system, in the collapse of the old star system (The Death of the old system|learn more) the remaining cats and coons left in the last few warships and settled on corisko, setting a side their past beliefs and knowledge they lived in peace for generations, believing that all remaining ing had died they stayed there until the chosen few kittens and cons were sent off in search of the later to be named mugawumf system,

their journey lasted most of their childhood as they drifted towards their new home, once reaching the planet mugawumf they named the system after their first planet found, and started exploring the coons that had been sent as the kittens defenders split into to two factions, those that believed they must protect the cats and it was their only purpose and those that thought they must leave and start their own colonies, the kittens left the rebel coons to leave their outpost,

meanwhile corisko lay there through the hundreds of thousands of years that past, then they began getting probes coming to the planet, the citizens had no idea what the devices were they were children of the old ones and new nothing of the ing anymore only stories of the race remained, then soon after, ships came filled with ing, some of the last survivors they descended with their armies and destroyed much of the cities, the old ones new of their evil, and used the weapons left behind to destroy the ships,

it wasn't until The raid of corisko that they got contact from any race again,

The Climate Edit

The climate of corisko varies through out the planet, in the higher mountains there is tundra, but lower in the valleys of corisko it is filled with temperate rainforest and mountainous forests