Coon Cats rule the universe with there long life spans hardness to kill and genius minds they are like mad scientists building strange devices creating strongholds,

Their Powers Edit

Cats Sense

allows cats to control minds and most notably control vast amounts of computers, ships just about any technology just by thinking about it

Cats Grace

Prevents cats from dieing easily every time a cat is killed or wounded very quickly cats grace begins to regenerate them from the inside and eventually bring them back to breathing status in a few minutes

Cats Claw

Is the source of the phisical power, it gives them teleconeisis teleporpultion (that's flying with your mind, or hovering) and in some cases things like fire and lightning from the hands when they're angery

Cats Eye

Allows cats to see and hear large events from across the universe and connects all cats at the mind level

Their Lifespans and history Edit

Their full history won't fit here but here are some facts about coon cats

They live about 2 - 3 Million years, and yes I am a where of the length that is, they can very well live that long if they're not killed first witch is very hard but has been done

The Cats of The Mugawumf Solar system descended from the ancestors of the cats that left the The Corisko Solar system. once they arrived they lived here for a long time before they realized that they did not originate in the mugawumf area (read more about this in the cat history)