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Origin Edit

Coons or Eropoass: Coonis Alphraniss in it's Truead Scientific Name is the most common coonis species alive, the origin of the coon is not well known, but from what the recovered Carasaw Indexes say, the coons were created at the begining of all corporeal life in the universe as well as the death of the none corporeal being known as the trueads, they created the coon species with a device called the Trueoid and the coon were intended to be there legacy

Sub Species Edit

A unique trait of the coon species is that their dna is locked in so they can never evolve differently nor manipulate their molecular construct

although there are several loop holes that have allowed basically sub species to exist

1. The Ing although the Carasaw indexes speak nothing of the creation of the ing species they do share many of the same traits of the coons as well as their appearance to a certain extent

the main factor is that although the origin of the ing is unknown they are capable of changing, most notably they modify their warriors and several other types of their race have been genetically altered to attribute different special traits

this allows many sub types and creatures to arise through genetic cross forming of the unborn ing warrior drone yourts

2. The Ralskr

the ralskr are being that inhabit sentient life primarily coons and coon cats, although they are only found in the galaxy 5546 they can explain some of the rare occurrences that form sub species, mainly the Shaer a coon like species local around 5546 as well as 7897, the species originated because of the ralskr holding on to a coon for far to long some 5 million years in an inhospitable environment this caused the being to deteriorate and in the attempt to save the coon or at least allow the ralskr to leave without destroying the rest of the coon the took the body to a stone alter their race have built long ago when it was restored it fractured the being very construct it escaped, but it's mind was to fractured to remain intelligent little is known how the creature survived or how it continued to past down it's corrupted form, but once the ralskr had found the creatures further generations it had already stabilized and was back to a semi intelligent status, the ralskr chose to leave the species and they continued to live as well as journey to the 7897 galaxy

through this several coon like species have evolved from the Shaer

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