Welcome to the Contributor Help Page

Here you can find info on what needs done around the wiki, and info on how to create pages like planets species etc..

Maintenance Edit

When pages are made images are usually added and the images are left unorganized, you can help the wiki by going through the unorganized images and placing them in the right categories

Example: File:Planet-planetname.png, you would see in unorganized files and you would simply go down to category, add category and type planet images, and now the image is categorized

There are always wanted pages around because when a new page is created new links are placed and quite a few simply led to pages that have not been made or forgot about, you can help by filling in these wanted pages, but only fill in the page if you know what it is intended to be

Creating New Articles Edit

Want to use your imagination and create a new article, well here are a few tips on how to make good orderly articles

Planets Edit

Planets are often one of the more fun things to make, first you need to insert an infobox,

Planet infobox example:

|Box title    = Planet Sold
|image        = File:Planet-Sold.png
|imagewidth   = 180
|caption      = Sold
|Row 1 title  = Coordinates Relative to Sun:
|Row 1 info   = (Undefined)
|Row 2 title  = System:
|Row 2 info   = [[System-Mugawumf|Mugawumf]]
|Row 3 title  = Type:
|Row 3 info   = Habitable, Jungle, Rainforest
|Row 4 title  = Colonies:
|Row 4 info   = Coon Colony, Native Shaer Colony
|Row 5 title  =
|Row 5 info   =
|Row 6 title  =
|Row 6 info   =
|Row 7 title  =
|Row 7 info   =
|Row 8 title  =
|Row 8 info   =
|Row 9 title  =
|Row 9 info   =
|Row 10 title =
|Row 10 info  =

most planets only cover box 1 through 4, but if there is anything else or special info you can place it in the 5 - 10 boxes and so on if required

Once this is done you still need to do a few things, for instance you should include the finished planet in the planet directory,

Planet Image:

You can make and upload your own pictures of your planets or you can get one by these methods, Request a Custom Planet Image, or you can choose an unused planet image from our newest project Project Starlight

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