Cellrone - Utour
Cellrone Growth leaching from an active Skipper Gas Generator








Cellrone - Utour, Cellrone - Reasser


Damp oxygen rich environment, Near Skipper gas/crystal charge

Cellrone unlike it's relative Micronis the Cellrone growth does not like air free warm areas but instead grows near skipper crystal or skipper gas generators, it grows by leaching off the generators energy in this process it creates pathogens known as doikouts that move through the air and are deadly to anything that breaths it

Cellrone is sometimes called skipper gas virus because it disables the generator and then slowly boots the generator back up giving it energy, the Cellrone growth also converts the oxygen in the air like animals do so as it breaths it slowly takes the breathable air out of the area, it is very hard to remove from generators and is quite deadly in small areas, most space ships preform regular scans to make sure the growth never forms in their ship

Though it is not known why disbite it's love for air and energy why Cellrone is not able to live in labs or on the surface of habitable worlds

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